When The Queen Come Around, Everything Shut Down: BEY Destroys the 2016 VMA’s


Leave now and never return if you can’t deal with my dedication to Beyoncé…I did not catch MTV’s VMA’s live, but of course I caught myself up on the festivities. Beyoncé truly needs an award ceremony, they should call it ‘The Beyoncé’s‘, and you must go beyond excellence in any field, to even be nominated for one, beyond excellent.

First of  all, Beyoncé pulled up to the awards like the queen she is…with Princess Blue Ivy and Julius..


Beyonce1 Beyonce2 beyonce5


Beyonce7    beyonce12

Beyoncé’s performance, was amazingggggg, as usual though…her standards are very friggin high, she is out here constantly making other performers look, unorganized, typical and just messy…

serena  Introduced by tennis champion and friend Serena Williams, Beyoncé was before us…


I’m gonna watch again, and come right back…

Back!!!!! Let’s get into it, Bey starts off with ‘Pray You Catch Me‘, her voice live, damn, it’s crazy, then she grabbed the bat and sang ‘Hold Up‘…then that transitions into ‘Sorry‘…of course the dancers are on point, everything is…I know this is reading like I’m sucking Beyoncé’s dick, but I’m not even exaggerating, it’s that real, and that on point.

beyonce35      Beyonce38

beyonce20                  beyonce16


beynce31         beyonce32



Beyoncé then went into ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself‘, killed that like a true rock star, she finished me off with ‘Formation‘. She hit every fucking mark hoes, she basically gave us a mini Lemonade concert. even Naomi Campbell was on her feet with gratitude in her eyes. Beyoncé danced her toned ass off. Beyoncé not only delivered the best performance of the night, she won 8 awards including video of the year for ‘Formation’.

beyonce51       beyonce52

…and of course, she’s still just like us, ending a grew night with her husband and some friends.


You can watch Beyoncé’s MTV 2016 VMA performance here.




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