When Shia LaBeouf Gets Drunk, He Turns Into An Obnoxious Biggot

I ain’t even gonna lie, drunk Shia LaBeouf got a giggle out of me, especially when he couldn’t help himself and spit a bar at his arresting officer, cuffed, on his way to jail…so TMZ released audio of LaBeouf in the back of a police patrol car (I don’t know where he’s at, or what he did, I’m almost sure I don’t care), here’s a quote from Shia that night:

“and you put your  own kind in the fucking pen, for nothing…YOU PUT A WHITE MAN IN THE PEN FOR WHAT? You fucking bitch…for asking for a Black man for a cigarette, that’s your own country…I pay my taxes you dumb bitch..you ’bout to meet my lawyer, and you made this trip for nothing, and you feel like a stupid slimy whore…”

Shia did tell the officer if he had a gun he would “blow his shit off”, Shia had one of those patient, understanding cops, ’cause he cursed this cop the fuck out the whole ride, Shai really abused his white privilege that night, you can hear the slight annoyance in the cops “woooooo” after LaBeouf threatened to blow his head off. Shia called the cop a lot of bitches a few whores and even a pirate, you can listen to the audio below, Shia looks so savage in that thumbnail LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO:

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