The Survivors In The Series: Geechi Gotti vs Glueazy


Geechi Gotti vs Glueazy will be going  down at The Lexington Theartre, 129  East Third Street, Los Angeles, California, on Saturday, August 5th, for URL’s Survivor’s Series.

Why is this battle going to be fire? Both battlers have crazy aggression and word play. Glueazy has been battling some of the cultures best and it will be interesting to see how he does against Geechi Gotti. I’ve been following Glueazy since 2014, he’s consistent, his growth as an artist and brand is obvious. Glueazy has already battled Twork, Reepah Rell and Bedaffi Green. Battling Glueazy won’t be a walk in the park.

Geechi has been climbing the ranks at a rapid pace in the culture and has also battled well respected battlers, such as Madflex, Saynt and Danny Myers. Geechi has had a PG before, vs Hemi in 2016, but this will be his 1st time on the URL main stage. Accents will be in the building, I’m hoping for a classic east vs west coast battle.



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