Troy Martin’s Born Legacy 3 Predictions

Troy Martin a talented blogger, producer, creator of the popular, YouTube, web series ‘Buildings‘, and hilarious personality on the War Report‘s team, is here to give us his #BL3 predictions, and letting us know why he has lost faith in our vets. You can subscribe to Troy Martin’s channel¬†here.

Norbes vs Mook on battling Hollow ‘RATED R RADIO’ PT1

In this installment of Rated R Radio, Norbes ask Murda Mook all the tough questions that everyone is wondering about, from his love of Battle Rap to the rumors of him wanting a six digit payout to battle. Subscribe to the War Report’s YouTube channel today!¬†

Juno vs Blue – HySociety

  HySociety has dropped their third battle, and I won’t lie, for a new league, this “Rehab” card is really good. With Thesis of the War Report behind this league and it’s production, we are sure to get match ups that make sense, professional camera work and great editing. This battle, Juno vs Blue was […]