Just based on this trailer, I’m looking forward to watching; Th3 Saga vs Tink Da Demon. In the clips that URL gave us, Tink was coming at Christianity, Saga counters with some facts of his own. Both Tink Da Demon and Th3 Saga have great pens and are heavily slept on, hopefully this battle will […]

Behind The Scenes at Sincere Cypherz

What’s better than seeing some of your favorite battle rappers battle? Watching them perform or rap in cyphers of course, it’s cool to see how they do outside their battle rap element, and Sincere Cypherz has brought us another dope group of battlers to a cypher. Jaz the Rapper performed in this cypher, DNA, Chess and others […]

URL’s BORN LEGACY 3: Let’s Take Look at Day1

  Tomorrow is #Day1 of #URL‘s Born Legacy 3 card, New York City and the entire Battle Rap community are buzzing about these battles. Let’s take a look at the card: These are great battles, everybody on this card has something to prove. B-Magic needs to show us, he’s back and serious about staying consistently GOOD. This […]