Tsu Surf vs Shotgun Suge: It’s Going To Happen on UDUBB

Tsu Surf vs Shotgun Suge, the possibility of that battle is something the Battle Rap community has obsessed and debated over, for a long time now. I would have liked to see this battle go down on the URLĀ stage, however when I asked Beasley why it did not he said; “I guess it’s a Jersey […]

Charlie Clips vs Young Kannon -GoRilla Warfare

  Let’s get right into it. Young Kannon is no lyrical slouch, I always hear YK’s talents praised in the most respected circles and he’s been consistently working in battle rap. Battling Charlie Clips should be on every battlers ‘Bucket List’, Young Kannon can now scratch that off his. Charlie Clips is just out here […]