15 Rappers in ocala who music go harder then new york rappers music …SIGH been waiting my whole career to do this.. Had to play like i liked that New york shit !! Now im a voice im finna tawk my ocala shit!!! Sigh lets see.. Hmm got so many Good rappers to choose from […]


Top 10 Things That Begin To Worry Me The Most, The¬†Closer We Get To The QOTR Card In Cali: 1. Not knowing if one of the rookies have the ‘Nina and Cee Da Boss Syndrome’…Yu just can’t rely on these rookies man, they will do anything besides win a battle 2. Not having the money […]

REED LIST: Top 10 Things Heavy Bags Gotta Know

Battle Rap is BLACK owned. Even if somebody hack ya page, don’t nobody care, we Blacks been waiting to be in position to treat a Cracka unfair…this is payback. White Jesus can’t save you now. Black lives matter. You can’t be tawkin shit to Josh and thank the karma ain’t gone come around, you lucky […]