Mike P vs Daylyt – BL3/URL

I wrote notes…so I’m gonna give you my notes and talk slight shit in between. I loved the Mortal Kombat graphics, that was fucking dope. Round 1 is on Daylyt. “Make some noise if everybody here (hear)/ I just hope ya’ll listening…”, that bar garnered crown reaction, perfect delivery. “…The flow outta space dawg/ I’ve […]

Norbes vs Mook on battling Hollow ‘RATED R RADIO’ PT1

In this installment of Rated R Radio, Norbes ask Murda Mook all the tough questions that everyone is wondering about, from his love of Battle Rap to the rumors of him wanting a six digit payout to battle. Subscribe to the War Report’s YouTube channel today!¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuXSWbuIC_aGDsYNnYmlBHA

Charlie Clips vs Young Kannon -GoRilla Warfare

  Let’s get right into it. Young Kannon is no lyrical slouch, I always hear YK’s talents praised in the most respected circles and he’s been consistently working in battle rap. Battling Charlie Clips should be on every battlers ‘Bucket List’, Young Kannon can now scratch that off his. Charlie Clips is just out here […]

Shooting into the Crowd – How I feel when Hitman Holla Tweets

I’m usually not interested in battle rappers ranting online, I don’t judge shit like that, because I rant online, but I’m on this flight from L.A. to Laguardia, so I have time today. So Hitman Holla tweeted out to his fans: …and sure enough: That was cool and innocent enough, but in true battle rap […]