The Wife of Pablo: Kim K Exposes Taylor Swift

  I’m gonna be frank, or maybe I shouldn’t, Taylor Swift might try to fuck me, then write song about me…so I’m gonna be brutally honest here; I BEEN tired of this bitches antics. ***RANDOM*** She fucked more dicks than Kim. Anyway, Taylor, you’re busted bitch…You’re always fucking somebody’s man, and writing about it, or […]

The OJ Simpson Series Pissed Me Off Last Night, Thanks FX

We are still watching O.J. Simpson, twenty years later. The murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, exposed O.J., L.A.P.D. and how the citizens of the United States really felt about race relations in 1994. In 2016, the cable network FX, brought us THE PEOPLE V. OJ SIMPSON: AMERICAN CRIME STORY ( This series allows […]