The Death Of The Pink Polo – By Truseph Bleu

The Death Of The Pink Polo Jay-Z made ‘Money Cash Ho’s‘, then years later he made ‘The Story Of OJ‘…Kanye West made ‘All Falls Down‘ years later he made ‘New Slaves‘…..Jay Z grew out of being a slave to the industry over time, Kanye fought his way into the industry, preached against becoming apart of […]


Kanye is back with ‘Wolves’, a Balmain campaign/music video, so we’re getting visuals, music and high end fashion, in one. The models that participated in this video include; Alessandra Ambrosio, Jordan Barrett, Ysaunny Brito, Dilone, Jourdan Dunn, , Jon Kortajarena, Francisco Lachowski, Sasha Luss, Riley Montana, Josephine Skriver, Joan Smalls, and also included; Maria Borges, Anna Cleveland, Cindy Crawford, Kylie Jenner, Sara Sampaio and Romee Strijd. The lyrics to ‘Wolves’ are quite […]

The Wife of Pablo: Kim K Exposes Taylor Swift

  I’m gonna be frank, or maybe I shouldn’t, Taylor Swift might try to fuck me, then write song about me…so I’m gonna be brutally honest here; I BEEN tired of this bitches antics. ***RANDOM*** She fucked more dicks than Kim. Anyway, Taylor, you’re busted bitch…You’re always fucking somebody’s man, and writing about it, or […]