Jay-Z Is The 1st Rapper Inducted Into The Song Writers Hall of Fame

Jay-Z will be the 1st rapper to be inducted into The Song Writer’s Hall of Fame, Jay-Z the true artist that he is, jumped on twitter to pay homage to a list of some of his favorite artist:   Quincy Jones, Andre 3000, Bono, Chance The Rapper and other talented artist honored Jay-Z for this […]

LEMONADE has always been DELICIOUS- Thank You Beyoncé

Ya’ll really starting to get on my fucking nerves with these Beyoncé speculations, and some of ya’ll not even digging deep. First of all, you can always just ignore her, but I understand (hahahaha). Anyway, I don’t remember the exact date Bey started promoting for Lemonade but the visual she released for it was sort […]