‘Half Back’ By Nicki Minaj Is NOT A Cardi B DISS Song

‘Half Back’, a song recorded sometime last year, by Nicki Minaj, around the time, her and Remy was beefin’, was leaked on the internet earlier today. It’s also presented as a “Cardi B Diss”, which after listening, I have to personally disagree. Here’s the link to the lyrics https://genius.com/Nicki-minaj-half-back-lyrics, you guys can check them out […]

In Trifling News: Diddy Former Body Guard Tells Diddy’s Dirty Secrets

We’ve all heard stories about Diddy, Sean Combs reputation as an aggressor is well documented. He recently had a fight with Drake over a song…His son’s coach over at UCLA, said Puffy attempted to hit him with a fucking kettleball, for screaming at his son. Sean is no stranger to real life gangsta shit either, he showed […]

Shooting into the Crowd – How I feel when Hitman Holla Tweets

I’m usually not interested in battle rappers ranting online, I don’t judge shit like that, because I rant online, but I’m on this flight from L.A. to Laguardia, so I have time today. So Hitman Holla tweeted out to his fans: …and sure enough: That was cool and innocent enough, but in true battle rap […]