The Survivors In The Series: Geechi Gotti vs Glueazy

  Geechi Gotti vs Glueazy will be going  down at The Lexington Theartre, 129  East Third Street, Los Angeles, California, on Saturday, August 5th, for URL’s Survivor’s Series. Why is this battle going to be fire? Both battlers have crazy aggression and word play. Glueazy has been battling some of the cultures best and it […]

URL’s BORN LEGACY 3: Let’s Take Look at Day1

  Tomorrow is #Day1 of #URL‘s Born Legacy 3 card, New York City and the entire Battle Rap community are buzzing about these battles. Let’s take a look at the card: These are great battles, everybody on this card has something to prove. B-Magic needs to show us, he’s back and serious about staying consistently GOOD. This […]