Stumbles vs Rambo: WE GO HARD TV

We Go Hard is one of the fastest growing leagues on the east coast. They also are home to some of the most talented battle rappers in New York City, such as Steamz and Chess. We Go Hard TV published Stumbles vs Rambo, from their The Gift Card event. I’m familiar with Rambo, and I […]

URL’s BORN LEGACY 3: Let’s Take Look at Day1

  Tomorrow is #Day1 of #URL‘s Born Legacy 3 card, New York City and the entire Battle Rap community are buzzing about these battles. Let’s take a look at the card: These are great battles, everybody on this card has something to prove. B-Magic needs to show us, he’s back and serious about staying consistently GOOD. This […]

B-Magic vs AVE: Chris Unbias BL3 Prediction

I have grown to have a real sincere appreciation for Chris Unbias and his #UnbiasReviews. Sometimes it is hard for a blogger/vlogger who has made relationships with artist, to give their unbiased opinion, especially when it’s not favorable. Chris mentions B-Magic not being pleased with Chris’s current opinions of his work ethic, however I’ve noticed […]