FOVNDATION: Mark Menace Returns For FACEOFF Battle League

Keeping upcoming leagues and battlers in our conversations and battle rap debates is essential to the growth of the culture. Most talent is developed and discovered in smaller leagues. Diamonds in the rough are everywhere, and Battle rap is ready for the next wave of promising contenders. FACEOFF Battle League is clearly into supporting upcoming […]

Stumbles vs Rambo: WE GO HARD TV

We Go Hard is one of the fastest growing leagues on the east coast. They also are home to some of the most talented battle rappers in New York City, such as Steamz and Chess. We Go Hard TV published Stumbles vs Rambo, from their The Gift Card event. I’m familiar with Rambo, and I […]

Busta Rhymes Signs Murder Mook

Busta Rhymes called up N.O.R.E. of the popular podcast ‘Drink Champs‘ and made a major announcement that will surely make the Battle Rap community proud and hopeful for the future and commercial success of Battle Rappers. “…To be honest with you the bro just officially signed that paper work, and the ink got dried in the […]

REED LIST: Top 10 Things Heavy Bags Gotta Know

Battle Rap is BLACK owned. Even if somebody hack ya page, don’t nobody care, we Blacks been waiting to be in position to treat a Cracka unfair…this is payback. White Jesus can’t save you now. Black lives matter. You can’t be tawkin shit to Josh and thank the karma ain’t gone come around, you lucky […]

B-Magic vs AVE: Chris Unbias BL3 Prediction

I have grown to have a real sincere appreciation for Chris Unbias and his #UnbiasReviews. Sometimes it is hard for a blogger/vlogger who has made relationships with artist, to give their unbiased opinion, especially when it’s not favorable. Chris mentions B-Magic not being pleased with Chris’s current opinions of his work ethic, however I’ve noticed […]