Shooting into the Crowd – How I feel when Hitman Holla Tweets

I’m usually not interested in battle rappers ranting online, I don’t judge shit like that, because I rant online, but I’m on this flight from L.A. to Laguardia, so I have time today. So Hitman Holla tweeted out to his fans:


…and sure enough:




That was cool and innocent enough, but in true battle rap community behavior, this was next:


…of course Tay Roc is with the shits:


The vet replied:



…and one minute later:


Tsu Surf joined in with his tag team partner:


…and Roc was like:


I don’t know what that last emoji is, because my 6 is not fucking with me and does not want to update…so I feel like I’m missing some part of shade here, but I’m gonna take it as sarcasm and I’m sure Hitman did too, cause he tweeted this next:


I guess Hitman Holla and Smack had a moment, because Hitman tweeted this:


Then Hitman must of really internalized that tweet and tweeted this the next day:


Hitman reminded us that he is “Super Top Tier” and is willing to take pay cuts for the culture:


Hitman Holla took shots at Gun Titles, Shotgun Suge, the entire PG Class, except three, but he said he’ll still smoke them too, and the new fans. At least we know this nigga really is a hitman with that list. It’s safe to say Hitman is ready to battle again on a URL stage. On that note, let me quickly look at URL’s twitter and see if Hitman was mentioned lately…

…ok I’m back, Hitman was not mentioned but The War Report did put out two polls that address a couple of hot topics this week, which URL retweeted:



My sources tell me (I’ve been dying to use that term, the next one I’m dying to use is ‘put some respek on my name’), that Hitman Holla is just looking for some attention, and he just took a battle for two stacks <—- insert tea cup emoji, but I’m wondering if its all over this:


The most talked about battle of 2016 so far, Gun Titles vs NWX was both visually and lyrically fucking impressive on stage, even with the shoving match between K-Shine and Tay Roc, it was still entertaining as fuck. With damn near a million views; 767,392 views and counting  (it was released on April 14, 2016), we know one thing for sure is, this is a #classic. Hopefully the energy that was put on that night is inspiring to our vets and the new classes to get all the way in their fucking bag. #salute














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