Craig Mack…First of all Rest In Peace to you brotha, I wish this was done in a more joyful time but let’s get into it…My first introduction to Craig Mack just like many of you reading this was ‘Flava In Ya Ear‘ and of course the ever Notorious Remix which featured a newly solo Busta Rhymes as well as LL Cool J and of course none other than The Notorious B.I.G Biggie Smalls (The Notorious BIG aka Christopher Wallace) …However the original version of the infamous track was what appeared on Mack’s debut album Project: Funk Da World never the less still Mack had made his imprint on the game at the time the song was successful on both sides and Mack would achieve a gold plaque for his first effort under the Bad Boy banner….Mack would go back into the studio for approximately 3 years before releasing his sophomore album entitled ‘Operation: Get Down‘, with a strong title track and 2 singles in rotation it one would think Craig was on his way to similar success to what was had with his first album that wasn’t the case…..After doing some digging into the album itself and Craig as an artist with all due respect to the gentleman I’m about to mention whom then went by Puff Daddy did Craig Mack dirty on his second album he did an interview and was quoted as saying he would be working on Mack’s second album to which Mack released statements of confusing due to a lack of Puff’s hand being involved with the album which peaked at #17 on the billboard charts with no official recording of finals sales tally…..Mack would disappear from the rap scene for many years making an appearance on the Special Delivery remix alongside G Dep, Ghostface Killah and an also returning Keith Murray whom had just been released from prison a year prior that would be the last time we heard from Craig Mack…..As of today March 13th 2018 it was announced that Craig Mack had passed away at the age of 47 in Walterboro, South Carolina there are no details associated with his passing at this time it has been said that he had been ill since 2012 and upon the beginning of filming a documentary detailing his untold story he made the director aware he knew he did not have long left on this earth Craig Mack will be truly missed and remembered as a legend in the Hip Hop community…Thank you for the music ~Bleu

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