Revisit ‘The Wire’, It’s Worth It


After re-visiting the HBO series ‘The Wire‘, for the thousandth time, I realize it will always be an excellent source of insight, as far as life in the inner cities of the United States is concerned. With explicit detail we see the cultures within cultures. The Wire offers you intricate perspectives and options of who to love and who to hate and your personal choices just might surprise you. Who knew cops had feelings? Joking, but I find my self sympathizing with the detectives a little more than I’m usually comfortable with admitting. The key word in that last sentence is ‘usually’, ’cause the older you get, the more you start to realize; being born is something like the lottery. You can’t pick who’s gonna win…unless it’s rigged. wire5

The first time watching The Wire, I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster, let me explain. I am not from Baltimore, but I have been there before, the rows of abandoned homes were a  little depressing to look at, but I lived in the Bronx for years, I’ve seen a lot of depressing shit. I also understand that every hood suffers  in their own way, they survive in their own way too. The Wire took me to many broken homes, trap houses, and murder scenes. I learned the ways of corrupt politicians, crooked cops and the broken judicial system of Baltimore. The Wire confirms that politicians squander tax payers dollars for favor and power, that cops will beat the shit out of you, if they’re having a bad day, that, that kind of environment will create serial murderers, that you may lose your 15 year old son due to violence, because you’re too poor to move.

thewire2It’s like, you know shit is fucked up out there, but when someone shows you just how fucked up and deep the shit really can get, it’s shocking, even if you lived it. Season after season you watch the failed system reap havoc on the inner city families of Baltimore. Like I said earlier, if you never felt sorry for a drug dealer, drug addict or cop before, this series might take you there. I always wish I could save Bubbles, Michael and Wallace. I know they are all fictional characters, however I also know that there are people living and dying the same exact way as described in The Wire.

I find I am often curious about the characters who had very small parts, like Cuddy’s grandmother for instance. I often wonder what her Baltimore story is and how exactly did Cuddy come under her care, she seems to truly love him. I try to imagine how Michael turned out or how Wallace’s family took the news of his murder. I love any story that I can revisit from time to time and each time I gain higher understanding. This won’t be the last time I write about or watch The Wire. Maybe next time I’ll write about my favs or who got on my nerves the most, ten best scenes or something.

Below is a link to purchase the entire series of The Wire:

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