R. Kelly Had “STRONG DICK ODOR” and Tricked HOMELESS Woman on 8/27/2017 into Giving Him HEAD for 3k!

Yes, this title is petty as fuck. Yes it’s 9:51 a.m., and I’m listening to this lady talk about how Robert Kelly finessed her into sucking his smeat for three racks. How the fuck you got three thousand to trick off for head, and ya dick meat smell sour???? What is THAT about? Tasha K is the fucking GOAT. This interview is rachet and thorough. Now I’m approaching the part about his Dick, she said “it smelled real bad”, and when Tasha asked her if she asked him to “stop”…stop? Stop fucking her mouth cause ya dick stink? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SIS OMG. The woman responded “he was finished”…SON, this was a “I need this money Franky” moment, dear God.

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