Kid Noah vs Panic: The Colosseum Battle League


Kid Noah (season 3) is a christian battle rapper, which you will discover on your own, listening to his bars. I’m always super interested when christians decide to battle rap, ’cause I want to see which angles they will use. I like the calmness of Noah’s delivery in this battle, however, that laid back demeanor doesn’t work all the time, especially if your opponent is charismatic and action packed. Kid Noah had some  dope bars in reference to Christianity, and a fire “spanish” scheme. Kid Noah did have some stumbles, and a short choke. The energy decreased as Noah approached the end of his round, I’m not sure what happened there…wait, I’ll ask him:

Hurricane Du: You ended your round with almost no energy, what happened?

Kid Noah: It was a mixture of the room being so hot (Funkadelic Studio) & my attitude & mindset was like; “I went first & you not touching anything I said so this battle is over”, I don’t know if that’s how it’s done but I’m still growing & learning.


Panic (season 1) started off with a mock “Our Father” prayer that ended with an aggressive gun gesture to Noah’s head. Panic’s energy during this battle was exciting to watch, and his performance commands attention. Panic bars are point too, he’s a puncher, his set up’s are cool too, his Ms. Gracie bar was fire. Panic had a very slight stumble in the middle of his rounds, but recovered quickly. Panic was TALKIN to Kid Noah, addressing Noah’s religion as well. Panic’s writing abilities and theatrics are on point. I’m looking forward to seeing more from him.


This battle wasn’t bad at all, I enjoyed watching it. I think Kid Noah has real future in Battle Rap, Panic as well. Both battlers put on for The Colosseum Battle League, and they both have great writing abilities. Kid Noah’s stumbles, lack of energy at times, hurt him n this battle, I kind of feel like, he wasn’t prepared, and Panic was the opposite of that. Therefore, I gave this battle to Panic, salute! ~Hurricane God




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