Jay-Z Is The 1st Rapper Inducted Into The Song Writers Hall of Fame

Jay-Z will be the 1st rapper to be inducted into The Song Writer’s Hall of Fame, Jay-Z the true artist that he is, jumped on twitter to pay homage to a list of some of his favorite artist:


Quincy Jones, Andre 3000, Bono, Chance The Rapper and other talented artist honored Jay-Z for this amazing accomplishment. The remarks can be seen in a streamed visual on Tidal. This is a very important moment in Jay-Z’s life and in the Hip Hop Cuture, Tidal remarks:

“It also confirms the notion that songwriting is hard work, a solitary grind, hidden from the outside world and obscured by fame. A germ of an idea may be scribbled on the back of a napkin—or in JAY Z’s case, stored in his memory bank—but nothing that truly moves the culture happens without countless hours grasping for that perfect word, or sound, to elevate a song.

Beyond measuring his skill alongside songwriting legends like Ray Charles and Bob Dylan, and elevating the entire art form, JAY Z is sending a clear message to past, present and future hip-hop songwriters: you too have a shot at immortality.

The most enduring pieces of music have moved culture in both subtle and substantial ways. Lyrics have been tools to awaken society to unfolding injustice, while also quietly providing a moral compass on how to behave in everyday life. Most musicians would settle for just one such instance in a career. JAY Z cannot count his moments on one hand. That’s an accomplishment worth celebrating.”

The Rolling Stone quoted Bono praising Jay-Z:

‘Bono referred to Jay Z as the “archangel of hip” and praised the rapper’s vivid lyrical style. “He reported what he saw and what he felt and he took us with him. Most of us first heard him when we heard ‘Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)’ perfectly juxtaposing the beauty of childhood and the reality he lived in. He got us listening, and we’ve been listening ever since. A true artist that follows Miles Davis’ definition of a true artist, ‘It’s not about standing still and becoming safe. If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change.'”‘

Congrats to Jay-Z on another extraordinary accomplishment in Hip Hop! You can read the entire Rolling Stone article here.

Side Note: Jay-Z is currently recording his new album

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