In Trifling News: Diddy Former Body Guard Tells Diddy’s Dirty Secrets

We’ve all heard stories about Diddy, Sean Combs reputation as an aggressor is well documented. He recently had a fight with Drake over a song…His son’s coach over at UCLA, said Puffy attempted to hit him with a fucking kettleball, for screaming at his son. Sean is no stranger to real life gangsta shit either, he showed us that with his involvement in a club shooting in New York City, that including a high speed police chase, and co-starred J-Lo. You can listen here to him argue with The Lox over their Bad Boy contract. However, MreckTV put out this clip of one of Diddy’s former body guards making serious statements about Sean Combs, his character and his father’s character. This clip has over three hundred and forty thousand views and it’s not looking good for Diddy, as far as, him being the type of person you would want to…meet? I don’t know, I’ve seen people look the other way for weed, it’s a cold world. Check out the clip:

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