I Speak Well…More on Why You Don’t Later

Battle Rap has yet to make me bitter, but I’ve heard some stories on how the love for it can do that to people. I’ve also had some unfortunate instances, where I have came across a few assholes in this section of Hip Hop. But hey assholes are apart of life, shit needs housing too. I personally write about inspiring people, people who I feel like stand out, or battles that I feel deserve attention. This is fun to me, therefore I am motivated by the culture and excited about the way it’s developing…I’m having fun though. I am an adult and mostly, I don’t have time for fun. So when I do have fun, I cherish fun, I covet my fun…wait, now I can write and have fun doing it in a culture I am in love with? Fuck with my fun and I will 30 you. Yeah, I love Battle Rap…

I’m not picky or fancy about the leagues or venues I attend either. I’ll go anywhere if my travel situation allows it, so I don’t discriminate on no level, I really would like to hit up all leagues at least once. I’ve also been in hot ass venues, sweating and shit, shit I paid to be in, however if the battles are good, I don’t give a fuck. I’m gonna keep it cute right here and not even mention the out of pocket dollar amount I’ve spent, supporting the culture. That’s tacky, and I’m not that. I have a few friends in the mainstream media and I plug people in when I can, I basically help where I see the help will make sense. I write for 100Bars Magazine, and I co-host on War Report radio, I play my part, I stay in my lane. I’m not doing my entire Hip Hop resumé today, but I been here.

My nigga, if I come to your venue and your cards don’t make no sense, or you have 7 battles and only 1 was good, do not expect my panties to get wet and start talking about your ‘event’. Do not put my name on flyers without my permission. If you want me to promo your league, or an upcoming event, ask me, I’m out here paying real life New York City rent, I’m not out here reading minds. If you do not value my opinion or feel like I can be an asset to you, you simply do not have to deal with me…and I am not the bitch to uplift mediocrity, realize your own flaws before you come for me. Also, when you want someone to pay, like me for example, if you want me to pay, open your fucking mouth, I’ve paid for worse things in my life.  –Hurricane God

2 thoughts on “I Speak Well…More on Why You Don’t Later

  1. I love the unique simplicity. I love the truth, and I admire the regard for shit talkers in the game…shit needs housing too choked me and all the while you spoke a truth. Thank you for your candor thank you for your mere existence… battle rap is indeed a momentum of ups downs all arounds and sideways…I needed to read this..because I have all too often wondered Why I stick around..and here it is… love the HURRICANE!!!

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