FOVNDATION: Mark Menace Returns For FACEOFF Battle League

Keeping upcoming leagues and battlers in our conversations and battle rap debates is essential to the growth of the culture. Most talent is developed and discovered in smaller leagues. Diamonds in the rough are everywhere, and Battle rap is ready for the next wave of promising contenders. FACEOFF Battle League is clearly into supporting upcoming artist and familiar names. FACE-OFF has an event coming up called, “Foundation“, on December 29th, 2017 at 1118 Hollins street, in Baltimore, Maryland. The Main event is Ammo Da Savage vs Reepah Rell, respectable, and right underneath, I see Daniel Foster vs Mark Menace.

 Mark Menace’s home league is Coluseum, Season 2, and he is fairly new to the scene (Mark  has been battling for 2 years). Menace, who is originally from The Bronx, NYC, has relocated to the DMV area and has plans on going harder and focusing more on his battle rap career. You can watch his previous battle below, verses Bluu Steele, hosted by Chess, to see what he’s working with. Salute to Mark Menace and his future endeavors in Battle Rap. ~Huricane God








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