Chess vs Chef Trez: SMACK VOLUME 1

Chef Trez vs Chess for Smack Volume 1 was released on URLTV‘s YouTube channel tonight. First round was fire Chess was going off, then at the end he got stuck. He really coulda just ended the round but, I don’t know what he was thinking, he was just determined to get it back. So that thang transitioned into a choke at the end. Chef Trez came with a rebuttal about the choke..of course, and a round of fire bars. The second Chess is back, seemingly ready, and he did have bars, but he stumbled through the entire round. Sloppy. Much of the same thing continues, Chef Trez performance is CLEAN here, except for a slight slip up at the end of the third, besides that, Chef Trez bars are clever, relevant and colorful…and he’s fire with the rebuttal’s. Chess came across as unprepared, because the bars was there.


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