10 Reasons Curt Different

10 Reasons Curt different 1. OTF offered NHB Shantile, Mariah, & a 1st rounder in 2020 for him 2. Debo consigned & made him President of Qotr Facebook rep the brand group 3. He wasn’t afraid to call Mariah out for saying “Ain’t no party like a EBT party because a EBT party got shrimp!”..shrimp regular..Come […]

FOVNDATION: Mark Menace Returns For FACEOFF Battle League

Keeping upcoming leagues and battlers in our conversations and battle rap debates is essential to the growth of the culture. Most talent is developed and discovered in smaller leagues. Diamonds in the rough are everywhere, and Battle rap is ready for the next wave of promising contenders. FACEOFF Battle League is clearly into supporting upcoming […]

Greatest Battles: Ayeverb

The Greatest Battles Series,  brought to us by RapGrid, narrated by Drect, is an excellent platform to showcase Battle Raps most respected and talented artist. If you are new to Battle Rap, this series will guide you to some of the most entertaining battles the culture has to offer. In a cool documentary style, Drect […]