LEMONADE has always been DELICIOUS- Thank You Beyoncé

Ya’ll really starting to get on my fucking nerves with these Beyoncé speculations, and some of ya’ll not even digging deep. First of all, you can always just ignore her, but I understand (hahahaha). Anyway, I don’t remember the exact date Bey started promoting for Lemonade but the visual she released for it was sort […]

My musical hero has died: I Love you Prince

Wow. This one struck my like a bullet to my chest. I did not know how much love I really had for this man ’till now. I mean, I know I loved him, because I own almost every song he’s ever done, I’ve seen Purple Rain uncountable times, I’ve been using him as one of […]

Don’t Call It A Comeback! – Lil Kim Season

I’m always gonna love Lil Kim, I don’t care what the fuck she does to her face. Yeah I want her to stop, but that’s her motherfucking head, and she’s grown. Anyway, Queen Bee just put out another mixtape titled ‘Lil Kim Season’ and I love it. I’m so happy she got in her production […]

You’re Never Too Old To Get Your Ass Beat – Things Cookie Lyon Would Say

So the best scene from Empire last night was Cookie beating Hakeem’s ass with her purse. The chain on the bag appeared strong, was that Chanel? Boo Boo Kitty is still walking around in office clothes even though she’s jobless, but that is how you get a job right (don’t forget to fuck you ex-fiance’s […]

The OJ Simpson Series Pissed Me Off Last Night, Thanks FX

We are still watching O.J. Simpson, twenty years later. The murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman, exposed O.J., L.A.P.D. and how the citizens of the United States really felt about race relations in 1994. In 2016, the cable network FX, brought us THE PEOPLE V. OJ SIMPSON: AMERICAN CRIME STORY (fxnetworks.com). This series allows […]