R. Kelly Had “STRONG DICK ODOR” and Tricked HOMELESS Woman on 8/27/2017 into Giving Him HEAD for 3k!

Yes, this title is petty as fuck. Yes it’s 9:51 a.m., and I’m listening to this lady talk about how Robert Kelly finessed her into sucking his smeat for three racks. How the fuck you got three thousand to trick off for head, and ya dick meat smell sour???? What is THAT about? Tasha K […]


Tasha K is back with skrong tea this morning. I think most of us know that Reality TV is mostly a bunch of fake storylines and set up drama to keep us watching, which I will, howeverrrrr Rasheeda be on LHHATL confusing housewives and side chicks all over the world with this triangle love affair, […]

LOVE Blac Chyna

I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks of her, I think Blac Chyna is cute, charismatic, smart and living her truth. Newly engaged and almost ready to give birth, brand new reality show Rob & Chyna, debuts this weekend…You can also peep Chyna here, on her Keeping Up With The Kardashians (her first appearance, […]

When The Queen Come Around, Everything Shut Down: BEY Destroys the 2016 VMA’s

Leave now and never return if you can’t deal with my dedication to Beyoncé…I did not catch MTV’s VMA’s live, but of course I caught myself up on the festivities. Beyoncé truly needs an award ceremony, they should call it ‘The Beyoncé’s‘, and you must go beyond excellence in any field, to even be nominated […]

In Trifling News: Diddy Former Body Guard Tells Diddy’s Dirty Secrets

We’ve all heard stories about Diddy, Sean Combs reputation as an aggressor is well documented. He recently had a fight with Drake over a song…His son’s coach over at UCLA, said Puffy attempted to hit him with a fucking kettleball, for screaming at his son. Sean is no stranger to real life gangsta shit either, he showed […]

The Wife of Pablo: Kim K Exposes Taylor Swift

  I’m gonna be frank, or maybe I shouldn’t, Taylor Swift might try to fuck me, then write song about me…so I’m gonna be brutally honest here; I BEEN tired of this bitches antics. ***RANDOM*** She fucked more dicks than Kim. Anyway, Taylor, you’re busted bitch…You’re always fucking somebody’s man, and writing about it, or […]