Jay-Z Is The 1st Rapper Inducted Into The Song Writers Hall of Fame

Jay-Z will be the 1st rapper to be inducted into The Song Writer’s Hall of Fame, Jay-Z the true artist that he is, jumped on twitter to pay homage to a list of some of his favorite artist:   Quincy Jones, Andre 3000, Bono, Chance The Rapper and other talented artist honored Jay-Z for this […]

Ms. Hustle Freestyle On Flex | #FREESTYLE

Ms. Hustle, the 1st Lady of URL is doing exactly what most predicted she would do, and that’s kill the main stream corner of the hip hop industry. She has already put out her project, ‘Can’t Knock The Hustle’, which can be downloaded for free here. Funk Master Flex invited Ms.  Huslte down to Hot 97 to […]