Heat Damage

I had a ‘lil incident and I needed to cut my hair off and start over again. To be honest I needed to start all over again. If my hair was a woman, she would be type prudish, ’cause my hair doesn’t want to be bothered. It doesn’t want to be touched, braided, combed, definitely not relaxed, straightened or blown out, my hair wants no attention. My hair is okay with washing and conditioning and moisturizing, but that about it. I had to get to know my hair on a personal level, and since me and my hair are in this thing called life together, I might as well find out my hairs ‘wants’ and ‘needs’, so we both can be happy. I have also suffered from heat damage in the same places as shown in the youtube video below. I am not ready to cut my hair yet, because I will look crazy. But I appreciate this video, and now I’m searching the web for more information and stories.


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