10 Things That Killed Me During O’fficial vs Kai Battle



10 Things that killed me during Official & Kai battle


1. Phara lia Stover sitting down all on the phone messin up dat damn boi footage

2. Seeing Kai take his last breath official on a killing streak!! He faught back but  rip

3. Rep da brand Dell standing up there ! I can’t stand dat damn woman

4. Official having dat damn bar tawkin bout dat boi was GASSED  BUT HE CAN’T FART! dat was so corny and nasty !!!

5. Niggas goin crazy over Official bar about the 5 dolla box.. black people always hungry!

6. Official saying kai,Tez,Cali name like dey some damn body!

7. Josh trying to be in the front nigga dis ain’t Sea!! This not yo league

8. Oraje not being in the footage for this battle this yo league ain’t it ? Boi y’all can’t do nothing write y’all need to Higher me

9. Seeing du tolar being at the event all in the footage I had been calling her all day trying to get her to drop these haymakers I got!

10. It being 1 round.. now either I can’t read or y’all trying me i done paid my damn money for this footage and it’s a one rounder? Yall something else! ~List King


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